Beekeepers helping


Middlesex County Beekeepers Association members like to share our love of beekeeping in Massachusetts, and beeyond!

“One of the most knowledgeable Beekeeping Clubs in the Country.”

Noah Wilson-Rich, PhD

Meetings, Beginner’s Classes, Workshops, Hive Openings, Mentors, Bee Removals, and more!

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • access to the club’s library of videos and books on beekeeping
  • access to our members-only forum
  • the opportunity to learn from established beekeepers
  • a subscription to the club’s newsletter, The Middlesex Bee

MCBA members range from beekeeping hobbyists with one or two backyard hives to those who run beekeeping businesses with several hundred hives.

Meetings and Events

Fall & Winter


During the Fall & Winter, we meet on the Fourth Friday of the month indoors to talk about bees. We have demonstrations, and invited speakers.

We usually meet at the:

First Religious Society Hall

27 School Street

Carlisle, Massachusetts, United States

Spring & Summer


During the Spring & Summer we meet on the Second Saturday of the month outdoors at a member’s apiary for workshops, hive openings, and to talk about bees.


For a list of upcoming meeting dates, visit our Club Calendar.