Middlesex County Beekeepers Association, Inc

Beekeeping Classes & Continuing Education

Learning about Bees and Beekeeping

Learning about beekeeping is an ongoing process. We have a variety of ways to learn more about Honeybees and beekeeping in Massachusetts…

Beginner Beekeeping Classes

The perfect way to begin your beekeeping journey is with taking a beginners beekeeper class taught in Middlesex County. Learn about setting up a hive, acquiring and installing bees, managing bees throughout the seasons, required equipment, harvesting bee products, and local bee supply dealers. During Winter/Spring 2023, there will be multiple class location options for you. These classes are not sponsored by the Middlesex County Beekeepers Association. Click below for more information.

Spring Workshop / Field Day

In the beginning of May, the Middlesex County Beekeepers Association holds a members-only spring workshop for members and their families. In the morning there are a number of sessions instructed by experienced beekeepers covering different beekeeping topics. After lunch, we will have hive openings.

The workshop is for both the beginner and experienced beekeepers – all members are welcome to attend!

hive opening