Middlesex County Beekeepers Association

MCBA Extractor

MCBA maintains a hand-operated Maxant 3100-series 9-Frame Honey Extractor for rent by current members only. Rental includes everything you need to extract your honey, including:

  • Electric hot knife for uncapping honey frames
  • Uncapping Fork
  • Uncapping Tank


  • This extractor is available on a first-come, first-served basis to members only.
  • The extractor is easy to transport in an SUV or Pickup
  • One person can move it with ease (however 2 people are helpful)
  • The Extractor must be cleaned WITH COLD WATER before returning to the club.
  • Any and all damage and/or maintenance issues MUST be reported immediately.
  • The Rental Fee is $15/Day.
Please use the form below to make a reservation.
straining honey
uncapping a frame