Learning about Bees and Beekeeping

Learning about beekeeping is an ongoing process. We have a variety of ways to learn more about Honeybees and beekeeping in Massachusetts…

Beekeeping Classes & Continuing Education

Beginner Beekeeping Classes

The perfect way to begin your beekeeping journey is with a veteran Middlesex County Beekeeper teaching your class. Learn about setting up a hive, acquiring and installing bees, managing bees throughout the seasons, required equipment, harvesting bee products, and local bee supply dealers. During Winter/Spring 2017, MCBA members will be presenting bee schools to “newbees” at three locations. Click below for more information.

Learn more about our beginner beekeeping classes...
Middlesex County Beekeepers Association Bee Schools for newbees
Veteran Beekeeper teaching at the MCBA Spring Workshop

Spring Workshop / Field Day

In the beginning of May, the Middlesex County Beekeepers Association holds a members-only spring workshop for members and their families. In the morning there are a number of sessions instructed by experienced beekeepers covering different beekeeping topics. After lunch, we will have hive openings.

The workshop is for both the beginner experienced beekeepers – all members are welcome to attend!

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Indoor & Outdoor Meetings

From May through September

During the spring and summer we meet on the second Saturday afternoon of the month at a member’s apiary to talk about our bees and examine the hives. Seeing how other people keep honey bees can be very informative.


From October to April

We meet on the last Tuesday evening of the month at the First Religious Society hall, 27 School Street in Carlisle, MA.


Guests are Always Welcome !

If you would like to attend one of our meetings, contact our membership coordinator: membership@middlesexbeekeepers.org

outdoor meetings and hive openings in Middlesex County