This is a Honey Bee

We love these ‘guys!’ Actually, the honey bees you see working flowers – gathering nectar and pollen are really female workers. They are “furry,” and most often striped black and various shades of yellow, orange, or grey.
Save the bees! If you have these furry insects gathered in a big ball on one of your bushes or trees, call us! We’ll come take them away for free (and give them a new home).

This is a honey bee swarm

If you see a Swarm, call us at 781-630-1129

Have a honey bee swarm in your bushes, on a fence, or in a tree? We’ll take them away for free!

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This is NOT a honey bee

Notice how it’s not furry? This is a Yellow Jacket (a type of wasp). They’re jerks… call the exterminator.

While some do have black and yellow stripes, wasps are carnivores. They live in the ground or in paper nests, and are the insects invading your picnics.

This is a Wasp Nest

Wasps are jerks… call the exterminator.
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